Benefits of using the Outcomes Tracking app


Real Time Visibility

Enjoy having your teams data at your finger tips, and being able to help when needed.


Target Your Training

The conversion rates will clearly highlight where you need to target your training.


Know Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers makes performance management effective and logical.


Improved Productivity

Individuals and teams will be able to self regulate by looking at their data.


Improved Confidence

Watch the teams confidence grow as their stats and skill level improve.


Improved Results

As your team improves, their sales will increase, as will everyones profit.

We like to do things differently

Affordable | Company Pricing (not user based) | No Lock-in Contracts

Company Start Up Package

US$600 upfront

Unlimited Users

  • 6 Support Calls
  • Company Setup Call
  • Driving the Change Call
  • Launch Call
  • Implementation Call
  • Data Analysis Call
  • Maximisation Call
  • 6 Weeks of Usage Included

Costs Starting From


Unlimited Users

  • 1 Director/ Admin account
  • 1-3 Overview Managers
  • (Overview Manager: Someone who you grant visibility over another users data eg. TL)
  • Ability to assign dashboard access to Overview Managers so they can access online dashboard
  • Subscription is invoiced 1st of every month

Pay for only what you use... the Overview Managers increase, as your company grows, so does the weekly investment.

At Outcomes Tracking, we understand the nature of the Sales Industry and know that sales teams can fluctuate week to week & month to month. That is why the pricing is based around the size of your leadership team, rather than per user.

See App Pricing below.

4-6 Overview Managers

Per week
$50.00 per week

7-10 Overview Managers

Per week
$60.00 per week

11-15 Overview Managers

Per week
$70.00 per week

16-20 Overview Managers

Per week
$80.00 per week

21-25 Overview Managers

Per week
$90.00 per week

26-30 Overview Managers

Per week
$100.00 per week

Contact us today if you require further pricing options and for enterprise accounts:



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