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Who / What is Prosper Business Analytics?

The Outcomes Tracking app is the beloved brain child of Kara Dive, the CEO of Prosper Business Analytics.

After years of working in the Sales Industry and manipulating data on excel, the idea to automate Skillset Tracking was born.

Kara specializes in driving performance, with the support of data to improve culture and standards.

Prosper Business Analytics is most interested in not just individual company performance improvement, but more so ENTIRE INDUSTRY improvement.

The insights that Prosper Business Analytics will get from industry wide data will be able to passed back to Outcomes Tracking Customers to build their confidence and belief in the industry.


  • succeed in material terms; be financially successful.
  • flourish physically; grow strong and healthy.
  • (archaic) make successful.

So the reason why we chose Prosper speaks for itself really…

But what do we mean by Business Analytics?

Data is at the heart of business analytics, because numbers don’t lie.

(But we didn’t choose the name Prosper Data Analytics, did we?)

We like to think that because of our extensive experience in business support roles, we don’t just look at the numbers, we look at business operations as a whole.

Everything in business is interconnected, with culture playing a massive part in engagement and company performance. We are here to help you put in place strategies, execute said strategies and to hold you accountable for everything you said you were going to do.

Think of Business Analytics, as a service based around planning, prediction and prescription.

And why trust Prosper to assist in your Business Analytics, because of our pragmatic, people centric approach. We love data but we also LOVE watching people flourish, and are all about getting more out of the team you already have and recruiting the right people.


Change is constant in business, especially in the Sales industry, and wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable with change if you were supported along the way, and were able to see if the changes you implement are beneficial or not?!

Visit our website to find out more and be sure to get in touch if you would be interested in our services.

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