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Pillars of impact with points Outcomes Tracking was created to help companies and individuals in direct sales, improve their outcomes, standards and profitability by harnessing the power of the Law of Averages. Click the link above to read through the intricacies of how Outcomes Tracking gives you ultimate control over your results.  

If you want a high performance culture, performance needs to be front of mind, not just for the management team but for everyone. Your company standards are well known, spoken about often and low performance is addressed. For many in management, low performance chats are uncomfortable.   BUT, if performance is addressed on a daily, [...]
A little while back we addressed how data can help to improve office culture. But this time round, we are flipping it to see how the company culture can improve your data. These 3 aspects of company culture are directly related to improvement of data: Growth Mindset Goal Setting & Follow Up Commitment Expanding on [...]
When you think about ‘good company culture’ the first thing that will come to mind is the ping pong table, Friday night beers, everyone loving their job and getting along. But hear us out, today we're going to share with you how data can actually improve your company culture. Let’s start with: Purpose and Direction: [...]