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How Data Can Improve Your Culture

When you think about ‘good company culture’ the first thing that will come to mind is the ping pong table, Friday night beers, everyone loving their job and getting along.

But hear us out, today we’re going to share with you how data can actually improve your company culture.

Let’s start with:

Purpose and Direction:

May I refer to Outcomes Tracking’s mantra “What you can track, you can improve”.

Everyone wants forward momentum, but when data isn’t tracked or collated it is guess work as to whether improvement is actually occurring. Most of us are naturally hard on ourselves and often won’t give ourselves the credit we deserve, but when there are stats that prove improvement, confidence grows!!

Having individual numbers to focus on will give each team member clarity and a purpose as they strive to improve them. Even more beneficial, having company based targets so that as a collective everyone is working towards the same goal.

Standards, Standards, Standards:

Data is black and white. It is logical and helps to remove the emotion behind performance management. Why is performance management integral to a strong company culture?

Let’s refer back to the ‘everyone loving their job’ part that I mentioned at the top. It is impossible to avoid dramas when people are being paid similar to others, but aren’t performing. And drama is one of the main factors for people to stop loving their job.

Good cultures have a high performance aspect, and data helps keep everyone on track.

Pride and Professionalism:

When you are working in a company that provides you with all the best tools of the trade you feel appreciated. You are proud to be part of such a great company, and respect the reputation of the company, wanting to be at your best.

Data of the sales process is highly valuable in the development of the sales skillset. So providing your team with the Outcomes Tracking app that will streamline data collection and optimise data collation, giving them more insight than ever before… can only lead to a high level of appreciation towards the company and increased confidence day to day.

As a Sales Company, culture is what helps your company stand out from your competitors. The standard you operate at will determine the standard of people you attract, so embrace data, and watch as your culture evolves and your statistics improve!

TO PROSPER: Utilise the power of data to foster a high performance culture. Champion the team members with the best stats and use them to upskill the rest of your team. Data allows everyone to grow together…you just need to provide your team the opportunity to track as much data as possible.

Hopefully you have had a couple of lightbulb moments in reading this. There is always more that can be done to improve business, it’s just up to you to put in the work and follow through. 

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